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  Agricultural Labourer to CEO of USA companies (Ms. Jyothi Reddy).

Ms. Jyothi Reddy - CEO of Keys software solutions

 At the age of just 16, She married because of her family financial position. By the age of eighteen, she became mother of two girls. She worked for Rs. 5 per day. But today she is the CEO of Keys software solutions in USA

Early Life and Education:-She was born in Narasimhula Gudem in Hanumakonda mandal, Warangal District as eldest of four children to a common peasant who has lost his employment during emergency. His father was joined in Army but could not continue because of his attachment with the family.As it was very difficult for the family to meet the both the ends, he was forced to join Jyothi Reddy BALASADAN, a government orphanage at Hanumakonda as amother less child.From 5th class to 10th class Jyothi Reddy stayed in orphanage by having solitary life away from home.She passed 10th class with good marks bt could not continue her education.At the age of just 16 they performed her marriage with Mr. SangiReddy.and at 18, she became mother of two girls.

Career:- It was very difficult for her to provide even basic needs to her family.So she started working as agriculture labour for Rs. 5 per day.She worked from 1986 to 89 on field.in 1989,Nehru Yuvak Kendra (NYK) started a night school in the village to teach the basic education for adults.She was the only educated girl in village so they appointed her as the volunteer to educate the adults after giving some training. It fetched her Rupees 150 per month.Her hard work and dedication impressed the Inspection authorities and they appointed her Mandal Prerak of Hanumakonda. After being appointed as Mandal Prerak Jyothi had to visit all the centres of the Warangal district and realized the importance of education. She completed her graduation and post graduation Distance Mode from Ambedkar Open University. Even University authorities were impressed by her urge for education. She did B. Ed from Anna University and become a government teacher.

A Dream: When Jyothi was working as inspector of schools, a relative of her who settled in America came to her place. Jyothi accompanied her during her stay and observed how much change had been taken in the life style of her America settled relative.So for a bright future for her daughters, she made up her mind and learnt computers and started saving money for her passport and visa.. After series of early failures she could get a visiting visa and flew to America with a little amount. she joined as a salesperson in “ Movie Time ’’ a video shop in New Jersey.She stayed as paying guest in gujarathi family. While she was working iin Video Time a known Indian from Warangal saw her and recommended her name to his brother who owned a company called “ CSAMERICA” and she was appointed as recruiter after being trained. Later a well know company ICSA offered her a good job with handsome salary. Again she faced some problems as her visa was not approved and she went for H1 visa. She had to resign her job in ICSA and again had to work for $5 per hour in nominal jobs till she got her H1 visa. She went to Mexico for her VISA stamping. All the hardships of obtaining visa gave her an idea of establish her first entrepreneurship to assist the people to get their Visas. Thus Keys software solutions was initiated. It extended it services like developing software solutions and recruitment and other job providing areas. Jyothi came to America in May 2OOO and by September, 2001 she became entrepreneur. She made her cousin as partner as his partner and extended her business to become more profitable.

Fulfillment of Dreams :- Her hard work, commitment and dedication fetched her the success she dreamed for. She made enough money to take care of her children and her near relatives. Her two daughters could finish higher education in America from prestigious universities and got married to well settled bridegrooms. Her dream to provide good living conditions to her daughters was fulfilled.

Humanity: She strongly believes the words of Mother Teresa… “ The worst disease in the world is neither poverty nor other, lack of feeling of belongingness, being unwanted is the worst ”. Whenever she visits the Orphanages in India she prefers to spend more time with the orphans. She visits Women’s colleges and empowers them with her life experience. She helped many Indians to settle in America by providing initial shelter and guidance