Kabir was the disciple of :







\'Jet Engin\' was invented by ------

 France Whittle

 John Browing

 Earnest Lawrence

 Donald Kerset










Which of the following does not perform function relating to blood ?

















Leelavathi the famous Sanskrit Grantha is a book on




 Health Science












Which river is known as \" crocodile river\"?

















Lira is the currency of ---------

















Whose last words are these : \" I am dying with the help of many physicians\" ?




 Napoleon Bonapart

 Julius Caesar

 Loui XIV

 Alexander the Great










Koyali is associated with




 Nuclear plant

 Railway worshop

 Petrochemicals plant

 Rocket launching station










Knesset is the parliament of
















Freedom is in Peril. Defened it with all you might\', Who said this ?




 Mahathma Gandhi

 Jawaharlal Nehru

 George W. Bush

 Mulla Muhammed Omar










Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in

















Bijak was written by





 Guru Nanak











The administrator of Andaman and Nicobar island is




 Governor general


 Lt Governor










Which colour have the longest wave length?
















Whose name is associated with the Theory of Evoluation ?
















Pankaj Advani is associated with



 Table Tennis













Which of the following is NOT the work of Kalidasa ?





 Sariputra Prakarma











When a person moves from pole to the equator, the population of plants and animals will





 remain unchanged











Who was the patron of Asiatic Society?



 William Johns

 Lord Vellesly

 Lord Convalis

 Warren Hastings










Who amongst the following is associated with the Local Self Government Act?




 William Betinck












The adjective of simplify is:
















Find out the word wrongly spelt
















Everyone seems to know but ------?




 my self












He used to attend the evening class before his marriage, ------?



 was he

 didn\'t he

 wasn\'t he

 did he










By this time tomorrow,I ------- the job.



 will finish

 shall finish

 will have finished

 will be finishing










Antonym of \'monotony\'
















I will write to her when I ------ time.



 will have

 shall have












\" -------- I have a glass of water, please? the girl asked politely.
















The flight -------- arrive at 9.30 am. but it was an hour late




 was supposed to

 was being supposed to

 is supposed to

 is being supposed to










I have my bedroom --------




 on upstairs


 in upstairs

 at upstairs










If you requested him, he -------- you.




 will help

 will be helping

 would help

 would have helped










Usha runs -------

















The teacher made John repeat the exercise. Which is the passive from?




 The exercise was made to be repeated by John

 The exercise was to be repeated by John

 John was made to repeat the exercise

 John was to repeat the exercise in the presence of the teacher










Of the two leading parties ------- party got a majority in the election.

















Unless you work hard -------



 you could not pass the examination

 you would not pass the examination

 you will not pass the examination

 you will pass the examination










The doctor from -------- we got the prescription is a well known physician.

















Watch the sun------ light is golden mow
















Something that is believable
















She ------ her mother.




 is resembling

 resembles to

 is resembling to










Change into indirect speech: She said, \" Alas! I am undone.\"




 She exclaimed that she is undone

 She exclaimed that she is done

 She exclaimed with joy that she had undone

 She exclaimed sadly that she was undone










------- days\' rest is all that is needed.





 A few

 The few











Comic artists are popular ------- children

















He has purchased a bag of
















The budget is presented to the Parliament on :




 the last day of February

 15 th March

 the last day of March

 1 st April










What is the time ----- your watch ?
















I asked him whether----------




 he completed the work

 he has completed the work

 he had completed the work

 none of these










The poor woman died ------ poverty and want.
















He is ----with fear




 laid by

 laid out

 laid up

 laid down










Cows -------grass





 has eaten









I felt pity --------- the poor window.








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