C.V. Raman got Nobel Prize for





 Quantum Theory

 Optics and Spectroscopy

 Nuclear Physics










The biggest Water Lake in kerala is




 Ashtamudi lake

 Sasthamcottah lake

 Vembanadu lake

 Pookottu lake











Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?




 Dr. Rajendra Prasad

 Morarji Desai

 Sardar Vallabhai Patel

 Lal Bahadur Sastri











The First Women President of INC was




 Sarojini Naidu

 Annie Besant

 Indira Gandhi

 Sucheta kripalini











Kolar Mines are situate in




 Tamil Nadu


 Madhya Pradesh

 Andhra Pradesh











Which one of the following is a hermaphrodite ?


















The only UN Secretary General to die in harness





 Dag Hammer Skjold

 Javier Perez de Culler

 Kofi Annan











The expounde of yoga philosophyis:


















NAAC is associated with




 Grading of Educational Instituion

 Health Care

 Agricultural Research

 Industrial Research











The youngest player who led India in test Cricket is:




 Sachin Tendulkar


 Nawab of Pataudi

 Kapil Dev











Number of judgesin Supreme Court including Chief Justice of India


















Who is considered as the Father of Modern Psychology ?




 Sigmund Freud

 Frank Parson


 Truman Kelley











Most popular drink of the world is





 Fruit juice













The Consumer Protection Act was enacted in


















Some states are unitary and others are federal Which of the following is a federal state ?


















Ecology is a Branch of Science which deals with




 Study of Insects

 Study of Pollution

 Study of Plants

 Study of Nature











Who was the first and the last woman ruler of Delhi?




 Chand Bibi

 Noor Jahan

 Razia Sultan

 Mumtaz Mahal











Which of the following is most densely populated in India ?




 Uttar Pradesh

 Madhya Pradesh


 West Bengal











The strategy of \'Divide and Rule\' was adopted by:




 Lord Curzon

 Lord Wellesley

 Lord Minto

 Lord Curzon @ Lord MInto











In a certain code language, 749 means fruit is sweet,248 means very sweet vioce, 637 means eat fruit daily. Which digit stands for is in that code ?







 None of these











Which one of the following contains the Gayatri Mandira ?

















The Second highest peak in the world is:





 K-2 (Godwin Austin)













Who among the following is the recipient of the UN Peace Medal ?




 M.C. Modi

 Mother Teresa

 Anwar Sadat

 Ronald Reagan











RDX is




 Readily Detonated Explosive

 Remotely Detonated Explosive

 Readily Detstroyed Explosive

 Reserch Department Explosive











The birth place of Karl Max is


















Where is the International Monetary Fund Headquarters located ?




 New York














Which district in kerala has the highest population density ?


















Jim Corbett National Park is in






 Madhya Pradesh












The largest flower in the world is that of:






 Giant cactus

 none of these











The Gupta dynasty was founded by




 Sree Gupta



 Samudra Gupta











Which one of the following states is the largest producer of coffee?







 Arunachal pradesh











Majlis is the Parliament of


















When the first metal tool came into being it was used for




 pot -making

 house -building

 clearing jungles

 making wheels











Pointing to a photograph, Bhagavat said she is the only daughter of my grandfathers only son. How is Bhagavat related to the person in the photograph ?


















Which acid is used in lead storage battery ?




 Sulphuric acid

 Hydrochloric acid

 Acetic acid

 Nitric acid











The first General Election to Lokh Sabha held in


















Which of the following is richest in Protein content







 Egg white











Ottawa is the capital of


















Who is the ex-officio Chairman of rajya Sabha?





 Vice- President

 Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

 Leader of Opposition











The first Bank established in india was :




 Panjab National Bank

 Traders Bank

 State Bank of India

 Bank of Hindustan











The greatest among the Kushanas was




 Kajula Khadphises


 Wema Khadphises












The oldest Dravidian Language is


















Which of the following is a communicable disease ?






 Diabetes Mellitus












The first Muslimruler in India was:




 Muhammad - bin -Tughlaq

 Mahmud of Ghazni

 Qutbuddin Aibak

 Muhammad Ghori











In which year Delhi become the capital of India ?


















The most densely populated island country


















Rajatharangini is the historical book of the



 Sunga Kingdom

 Gupta kingdom

 Maurya Dynasty

 Kashmir Kings











Which of the following is the oldest monument ?




 Qutb Minar

 Taj Mahal


 Ajanta Caves











Which disease is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B ?




 Night Blindness














Penicillin is obtained from






 Synthetic substance


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