General English

1. The opposite of ‘Encouraged’ is:
(a) Couraged (b) Incouraged
(c) Discouraged (d) Of couraged

2. She ____ for eight hours last night.
(a) has slept (b) slept
(c) is sleeping (d) has been sleeping

3. A ___ of puppies.
(a) litter (b) crowd
(c) pack (d) flock

4. Raju could not get ____ sugar.
(a) few (b) the few
(c) little (d) any

5. An expert in choice of food:
(a) Gourmand (b) Gourmet
(c) Glutton (d) Garrulous

6. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘CANDID’:
(a) Sweet (b) Dishonest
(c) Frank (d) Able

7. The word meaning ‘tolerate’ is:
(a) endure (b) enormous
(c) etemal (d) emphasise

8. I shall go there ____ you like it or not.
(a) if (b) but
(c) before (d) whether

9. One who speaks less:
(a) Intestate (b) Reticent
(c) Fatalist (d) Veteran

10. We are driving ____ a tunnel.
(a) beyond (b) above
(c) through (d) in between

11. The opposite of ‘Wholesale’:
(a) Retail (b) Factory
(c) Profit (d) Cheap

12. I am content ___ what I have.
(a) for (b) with
(c) to (d) in

13. Do you like ____ music?
(a) classical (b) classic
(c) classy (d) classed

14. An animal who preys on other animals:
(a) Pachyderm (b) Parasite
(c) Predator (d) Hermaphrodite

15. A group of people ___ waiting outside to see you.
(a) are (b) have
(c) be (d) is

16. He has ten toes ___ his feet.
(a) in (b) on
(c) at (d) with

17. A place for sick people who need long periods of treatment or rest:
(a) Clinic (b) Hospital
(c) Sanatorium (d) Asylum

18. The former minister is under a cloud now. ‘Under a cloud’ means:
(a) In a sad situation
(b) Under suspicion (c) Bed-ridden
(d) In oblivion

19. I look forward to _____ you again.
(a) seeing (b) saw
(c) have seen (d) see

20. Use the collective noun : Fish
(a) Shoal (b) Flock
(c) Herd (d) Pool

21. The weather has turned very _____
(a) warmly (b) warm
(c) warmth (d) warmful

22. Policemen riding on motor cycles as guards to a VIP:
(a) Outriders (b) Servants
(c) Commandos (d) Attendants

23. The antonym of ‘Professional’:
(a) Amateur (b) Tradesman
(c) Labour (d) Customer

24. The meaning of ‘Rivalled’:
(a) Hatred (b) Revised
(c) Competed (d) Contradicted

25. The correctly spelt word is:
(a) Envirenment (b) Enveronment
(c) Environment (d) Environmant

1 (c) 2(b) 3 (a) 4 (d) 5(b)6(c) 7(a) 8(d) 9(b) 10(c)
11(a) 12(b)13(a) 14(c) 15(d) 16(b) 17(c) 18(b)19(a)
20(a) 21(b) 22(a) 23(a) 24(c) 25(c)