1. KIMONO is the dress style of :
(A) Korea (B) China
(C) Japan (D) Finland
2. Madam Curie :
(A) Discovered Vaccination (B) Invented Dynamite
(C) Isolated Radium (D) Discovered Theory of Evolution
3. The author of the book "The Wonder That was India" is :
(A) Amartya Sen (B) A.L.Basham
(C) R.C.Dutt (D) Rabindranath Tagore
4. The First Chief Minister of Kerala was :
(A) Pattam Thanu pillai (B) E.M.S. Namboodiripad
(C) R.Sankar (D) C.Achuthamenon
5. The State of Kerala was formed on :
(A) 1 December 1957 (B) 1 November 1956
(C) 1 November 1954 (D) 1 October 1951
6. The Naval Academy is situated in Kerala at :
(A) Kochi (B) Ezhimala
(C) Thiruvanathapuram (D) Beypore
7. Edakkal Cave is in :
(A) Wayanad (B) Kannur
(C) Kasargod (D) Kozhikode
8. The largest Taluk in Kerala is :
(A) Ernad (B) Taliparamba
(C) Mukandapuram (D) Thalassery
9. The Head Quarters of Kerala HighCourt is at :
(A) Thiruvanathapuram (B) Kochi
(C) Kozhikode (D) Thrissur
10. The First Women Supreme Court Judge was :
(A) C.Fatima Beevi (B) Anna Chandy
(C) Kadambini Ganguli (D) Laila seth
11. The First Governor of Kerala was :
(A) V.V.Giri (B) Ajith Prasad Jain
(C) Bhagavan Sahai (D) Ramakrishna Rao
12. The First Arts and Science College in Kerala is:
(A) Brennan College, Thalassery (B) Maharaja's College , Eranakulam
(C) C.M.S. College, Kottayam (D) University College, Thiruvanathapuram
13. The Sabarigiri Hydro Electric Project is built in the river :
(A) Kunthi (B) Periyar
(C) Bhavani (D) Pampa
14. The First Hydro Electric Project in Kerala is :
(A) Pallivasal (B) Chengulam
(C) Idukki (D) Sabarigiri
15. The HQ (HEAD QUARTERS) of Wayanad district is :
(A) Kalpetta (B) Manathavady
(C) pulpally (D) Boys town
16. The District which has no forests in Kerala is :
(A) Kollam (B) Kannur
(C) Alappuzha (D) Thrissur
17. The Architect of Cochin Sea Port was :
(A) Robert Bristo (B) Antonym peter
(C) Alexander John (D) John Matahi
18. --------- city is called " Venice of East "
(A) Alappuzha (B) Kochi
(C) Kollam (D) Thrissur
19. Malabar Cements Factory is in :
(A) Vellore (B) Kallai
(C) Walayar (D) Chalakudy
20. World population day is celebrated on
(A) June 11 (B) July 11
(C) April 11 (D) None of these
21. ISOBARS connect points of equal :
(A) Temperature (B) Height
(C) Pressure (D) Rainfall
22. LOTI is the currency of :
(A) Sudan (B) Libiya
(C) Barundi (D) Lesotho
23. Copper is produced in :
(A) UP and Rajasthan (B) Rajasthan and Bihar
(C) Bihar and UP (D) Orissa and Rajasthan
24. Rana Pratap sagar is located in :
(A) Haryana (B) Maharashtra
(C) Rajasthan (D) UP
25. The chairman of the Planning Commission of India is :
(A) President (B) Prime Minister
(C) Vice President (D) None of them
26. Five Year Plans in India are approved by
(A) Parliament (B) National Development Council
(C) Planning Commission (D) None
27. The Raj Committee (1972) probed :
(A) Direct Taxes (B) Indirect Taxes
(C) Non - Tax Revenue (D) Agricultural holding Tax
28. Panchayat Raj has got constitutional status with the ---------- Amendment Act :
(A) 72 nd (B) 73 rd
(C) 74 th (D) 75 th
29. Fundamental Rights are enshrined in PART -------- of Constitution of India .
(A) I (B) II
(C) III (D) V
30. How many members can be nominated to Loksabha by President ?
(A) 2 (B) 3
(C) 4 (D) 5
31. Acharya Vinoba Bhave's Paunar Ashram is in :
(A) Bihar (B) Gujrat
(C) Maharashtra (D) West Bengal
32. A rocket works on the principle of the conservation of :
(A) Energy (B) Mass
(C) Linear momentum (D) Angular Momentum
33. The best conductor of electricity is :
(A) Iron (B) Silver
(C) Aluminium (D) Copper
34. Glass is good :
(A) Insulator (B) Semi conductor
(C) Electrical conductor (D) Thermal conductor
35. A catalyst :
(A) Increases the velocity of reaction (B) Decreases the velocity of reaction
(C) Alters the velocity of reaction (D) Starts a reaction
36. Carbon occurs in nature in the purest from as :
(A) Coal (B) Carbon Black
(C) Graphite (D) Diamond
37. The Newspaper "DAWN" is published in :
(A) Moscow (B) Beijing
(C) Karachi (D) New Delhi
38. International Womens Day is observed oo :
(A) March 8 (B) September 8
(C) April 7 (D) August 6
39. IBERIAN AIRLINES is the official airlines of :
(A) Spain (B) France
(C) Poland (D) Ireland
40. The Head Quarters of World Health Organisation (WHO)is in :
(A) Paris (B) Geneva
(C) New York (D) Washington
41. The largest slum in India is in :
(A) Chennai (B) Mumbai
(C) Delhi (D) Kolkata
42. ----------- is the author of Ain - i - Akbari:
(A) Abul Fazal (B) Nazrul Islam
(C) Abul Faizi (D) Mohd Iqbal
43. Hopman Cup is associated with
(A) Tennis (B) Cricket
(C) Baseball (D) Football
44. Who is called Deshbandhu ?
(A) Dadabhai Noaroji (B) C.R. Das
(C) Balgangadhara Tilak (D) Rajagopalachari
45. ---------- got Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.
(A) Rabindranath Tagore (B) Bankim Chandra Chatterji
(C) Boris Pasternak (D) Alexander Solzenithsen
46. Tarapore Committee was associated with :
(A) Special Economic Zones (B) Foreign Exchange Reserves
(C) Fuller Capital Account Convertibility (D) Effect of oil prices on Indian Economy
47. Arundathi Roy is well known :
(A) Writer - Social - activist (B) Painter
(C) Dancer (D) Music composer
48. --------- is called Forbidden City :
(A) Lahore (B) Lahsa
(C) Sanfransisco (D) Bangkok
49. --------- is the leading producer of Uranium :
(A) U.S.A (B) Canada
(C) Germany (D) Zambia
50. Aspirin was invented in 1899 by :
(A) Felix Hoffman (Germany) (B) Joseph Lister (England)
(C) C.F. Brush (U.S.A) (D) Nicholas Cugnot (France)
51. Entomology is the study of :
(A) Insects (B) Birds
(C) Snakes (D) Mammals
52. " An Area of Darkness " is written by ?
(A) V.S. Nai Paul (B) Salman Rushdi
(C) Nirad C. Chaudhari (D) A.L. Basham
53. Which of the following was the First Indian Institute of Technology ?
(A) IIT Kharagpur (B) IIT Bombay
(C) IIT Delhi (D) IIT Madras
54. Who became the First Miss India ?
(A) Rieta Faria (B) Pramila
(C) Aanita desai (D) Sukanya
55. --------- has the highest population density as per 2001 Census.
(A) Kerala (B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Rajasthan (D) West Bengal
56. From which of the following stations that India launched its first successful multipurpose communication and meteorology satellite, INSAT I B on 30 August 1983 ?
(A) Cape Canaveral (U.S.A) (B) Baikonoor Cosmonaut (Russia)
(C) Master Control Facility (Hassan, India) (D) Rocket Launching Station, (Thumba,India)
57. The Head Office of Kerala Civil Supplies Corporation is at :
(A) Ernakulam (B) Thrissur
(C) Thiruvanathapuram (D) Kozhikode
58. Under whose patronage Kutabminar was built ?
(A) Shah Jehan (B) Kutabdeen Ibek
(C) Jehangeer (D) Akbar
59. The First Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was :
(A) M.G. Ramachandran (B) C.N. Annadurai
(C) Jayalalitha (D) M. Karunanidhi
60. Spherometer is :
(A) an instrument used for measuring the curvature of spherical objects . (B) an instrument for comparing the luminous intensity of the source of light.
(C) an instrument used for spectrum analysis. (D) an instrument for measuring solar radiations.
61. The largest shipyard in india is :
(A) Kolkata (B) Kochi
(C) Mumbai (D) Vishakhapatanam
62. PNEUMOCONIOSIS afflicts the workers who works mainly in :
(A) Tanneries (B) Coalmining industries
(C) Distilleries (D) Glass industry
63. --------- is a well known flute exponent .
(A) Shafaat Ahmad (B) Ronu Mazumdar
(C) Madhup Mudgal (D) Debu Chaudhari .
64. ---------- was the First Chief Justice of India.
(A) Hiralal .J. Kania (B) P.N. Bhagavathy
(C) V.R. Krishna Iyer (D) Anna Chandy
65. "EMPLOYMENT NEWS" is published by :
(A) Times of India Group (B) The Indian Express Group
(C) G. Kasthuri and Sons. (D) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
66. YAKSHAGANA is a popular folk art of :
(A) Kerala (B) Karnataka
(C) Tamilnadu (D) Andhra Pradesh
67. The NREP (Natioal Rural Employment Programme )was launched in :
(A) October 1980 (B) August 1983
(C) September 1985 (D) December 1981
68. ANGSTROM is the unit of :
(A) wavelength of light (B) atmospheric pressure
(C) unit of energy (D) unit of distance used in navigation
69. The Thermal Power Plant at Bokaro is located in :
(A) Bihar (B) Orissa
(C) Chhattisgarh (D) Jharkhand
70. Disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin C is :
(A) Beri Beri (B) Scurvey
(C) Pellagra (D) Night Blindness
71. The bus pass is -------- for a year :
(A) valuable (B) employable
(C) valid (D) tucked
72. A philatelist collects -----------
(A) clocks (B) antiques
(C) coins (D) stamps
73. No one could understand -----------
(A) what did he say (B) what was he saying
(C) what he did say (D) what he was saying
74. We have been trying to solve the problem ---------
(A) since two days (B) during two days
(C) for two days (D) from two days
75. The fear of high places ----------- quite common
(A) are (B) is
(C) are being (D) were
76. If she were selected , she ----------- a good secretary.
(A) will make (B) can make
(C) would make (D) may have made
77. Either the pen or the paper -------- defective
(A) are (B) were
(C) is (D) isn't
78. Find the word that is rightly spelt :
(A) moskitoes (B) mosqwitose
(C) mosquitose (D) mosquitoes
79. Choose the correctly spelt word :
(A) refrigerator (B) refrigarator
(C) refregerator (D) rafrigerator
80. Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the word plead.
(A) set out (B) conclude
(C) intend (D) beg for
81. The closest meaning of the word ulcer is :
(A) outer part (B) open sore
(C) star (D) centre
82. Find the word that is opposite in meaning to the word permit.
(A) allow (B) disagree
(C) obstruct (D) forbid
83. Choose the wrongly spelt word :
(A) permenant (B) affection
(C) affectation (D) conscientious
84. Select the word opposite in meaning to ever.
(A) never (B) always
(C) sometimes (D) rarely
85. Comatose best means :
(A) extremely fat (B) dull mind
(C) enormous (D) deeply unconscious
86. Choose the correct preposition for the sentence : I admit I am very fond -------- him
(A) of (B) off
(C) with (D) by
87. The suitcase is made ---------- leather.
(A) with (B) about
(C) of (D) at
88. You won't tell them what has happened ,--------?
(A) won't you (B) wouldn't you
(C) isn't it (D) will you
89. Change into indirect speech : He said, "I have passed the examination "
(A) He said that he had passed the examination (B) He said that he has been passing the examination
(C) He said that he is passing the examination (D) He said that he was passed the examination
90. They have bought a new car, ----------- ?
(A) isn't it (B) is it not
(C) have they (D) haven't they
91. I will complete the course in ---------- year .
(A) a (B) an
(C) the (D) same
92. While walking ----------- the small door I hurt my head.
(A) between (B) through
(C) by (D) along
93. Which of these chairs did you sit --------- ?
(A) them (B) in
(C) on (D) by
94. If DONKEY : BRAYS then WOLF :
(A) cries (B) roars
(C) howls (D) whines
95. The thief was caught --------- The suitable idiom is :
(A) red handed (B) blue handed
(C) green handed (D) yellow handed
96. The idiom it's all Greek and Latin to me means:
(A) something I understand (B) something I don't understand
(C) something simple (D) something easy
97. I was all eyes to see what he would do. The words italicised mean :
(A) more than a pair of eyes (B) eagerly watching
(C) eagerly searching (D) eagerly hesitating
98. Beware of that wolf in sheep's skin. The closest meaning to this idiom is :
(A) hypocrite (B) hippocrite
(C) hippocrete (D) hypocrete
99. The phrase black sheep means :
(A) sheep that is black (B) good person
(C) misfit (D) sheep that is bad
100. Just now my hands are full . My hands are full closely means :
(A) My hands are filled with something (B) I am very busy
(C) I can't keep my hand free (D) My hands are chained.