1. Bottles of fruit juice, squash, soup are certified by ----------- to testify the purity an quality of food
(A) FPO (B) Agmark
2. Bow mans capsule is a part of
(A) Neuron (B) Liver cells
(C) Nephron (D) Muscles
3. If D = 8, BAT = 46, then CAT will be equal to
(A) 42 (B) 40
(C) 46 (D) 48
4. Choose the correct alternative that will continue the series . 35,57,79,---------
(A) 99 (B) 90
(C) 911 (D) 913
5. Choose the missing term out of the given alternatives : YEB, WFD, UHG, SKI, -----------
6. Choose the group of letters which is different from others :
7. If South - east is called East, North-west is called West, South-west is called South and what will North be called :
(A) East (B) North - east
(C) North - west (D) South
8. Pointing to a photograph, Bhagavat said she is the only daughter of my grandfathers only son. How is Bhagavat related to the person in the photograph ?
(A) Sister (B) Mother
(C) Niece (D) Brother
9. How many 4s are there in the following series of numbers which are preceded by 6 but not immediately followed by 5 ? 3 4 2 6 4 5 6 4 7 8 9 6 4 5 9 5 6 4 8 7 8 4 6 4 3
(A) One (B) Two
(C) Three (D) Four
10. In a certain code language, 749 means fruit is sweet, 248 means very sweet voice, 637 means eat fruit daily. Which digit stands for is in that code ?
(A) 7 (B) 9
(C) 4 (D) None of these
11. If A means +, B means - , C means x and D means /, then the value of 18C14A6B16D4 is :
(A) 63 (B) 254
(C) 288 (D) 1208
12. Tongue is related to Taste in the same way as Ear is related to :
(A) Hear (B) Deaf
(C) Dump (D) Speak
13. Rorschach Inkblot Test is used to access:
(A) H1N1 (B) AIDS
(C) Personality (D) Blood cancer
14. Laxmi is very bright ten year old with a mental age of fourteen . Her IQ may be estimated to be :
(A) 100 (B) 160
(C) 120 (D) 140
15. Who is considered as the Father of Modern Psychology ?
(A) Sigmund Freud (B) Frank Parson
(C) Hollingworth (D) Truman Kelley
16. Who is the author of Man - the - Maker of his own Destiny ?
(A) Rabindranath Tagore (B) Mahatma Gandhi
(C) Swami Vivekananda (D) Nehru
17. The technique adopted to find out the level of acceptability of an individual by the members of a group is :
(A) Sociometry (B) Psychometry
(C) Personality testing (D) Projective technique
18. Par sec is unit of :
(A) Density (B) Distance
(C) Momentum (D) Time
19. Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of
(A) Carboxylic acids (B) Adipic acid
(C) Sulphonic acids (D) None of these
20. The ultimate source of energy is :
(A) Sun (B) Food
(C) ATP (D) Glucose
21. Non -metals are generally bad conductors of electricity . However graphite is a good conductor of electricity because it :
(A) Is an allotrope of carbon (B) has loosely bound electrons
(C) is brittle (D) forms basic oxide
22. Thiokol is a :
(A) Vulcanised rubber (B) Raw rubber
(C) Natural rubber (D) Synthetic rubber
23. Length, breadth, height of a box are 4cm, 12cm and 1m, if density of air is 1.2 kg/m3. The mass of air present in the box is :
(A) 57.6 kg (B) 5.76 kg
(C) 57.6 g (D) 5.76 g
24. A solution of washing soda is :
(A) Acidic (B) Basic
(C) Neutral (D) None of these
25. Anaemia is caused by the deficiency of all of these except :
(A) Iron (B) Vitamin B 12
(C) Zinc (D) Folic acid
26. The "Navaretnas" Lived during the period of :
(A) Mauryas (B) Gupthas
(C) Kushanas (D) Pallavas
27. The Ashtadiggajas belonged to ---------- dyanasty:
(A) Chalukyas (B) Pallavas
(C) Vijayanagara (D) Bahmani
28. Kandalur Salai is an ancient university of :
(A) Cholas (B) Pandyas
(C) Cheras (D) Hoysalas
29. The Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang visited the pilgrim center of ---------- in South India
(A) Guruvayoor (B) Tiruppati
(C) Kalady (D) Kanchi
30. Din- Ilahi is a religion founded by :
(A) Baber (B) Akbar
(C) Humayun (D) Jehangir
31. Name the only Malayalee President of the All India Congress Committee :
(A) K. Karunakaran (B) A.K. Antony
(C) Sir C. Sankaran Nair (D) George Joseph
32. The revolt of 1721 at ------------ is the first attempt against foreign domination from the south.
(A) Attingal (B) Kozhencheery
(C) Kulachal (D) Varkala
33. The -------- company was the last to leave India after Independence.
(A) English (B) Dutch
(C) French (D) Portuguese
34. Who is known as Gandhi of Kerala ?
(A) E.M.S. Namboodiripad (B) K.Kelappan
(C) K.P. Kesava Menon (D) Moidu Maulavi
35. Name the malayalee editor of Gandhiji's "Young India"
(A) Barrister G.P.Pillai (B) C.Kesavan
(C) George Joseph (D) Swadesabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai
36. One of the following is NOT a member of the Cabinet Mission to India :
(A) Sir Stafford Cripps (B) Lord Alexander
(C) Lord Pethick Lawrence (D) Clement Atlee
37. The right to work or the right to a living wage had been included among the fundamental rights, based on the 1931 Resolution of the congress which met in :
(A) Calcutta (B) Karachi
(C) Bombay (D) Chennai
38. ---------- had outlined a strategy of non - co operation in his manifesto, HIND SWARAJ as early as 1909.
(A) Gandhiji (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Gokhale (D) Balagangadhar Tilak
39. Name the Grand old man of indian Nationalisam
(A) W.C . Bannerji (B) Dadabhai Naoroji
(C) Surendranath Bannerji (D) Aurobindo Ghose
40. The state with the smallest population in India is
(A) Mizoram (B) Arunachal Pradesh
(C) Goa (D) Sikkim
41. The Non- Brahmin Movement begun by Dr.T.M.Nair become a Mass movement under :
(A) K.Kamraj Nadar (B) E.V.Ramaswamy Naicker
(C) C.N. Annadurai (D) M.G.Ramachandran
42. As part of the Vaikam Satyagraha, a Savarna Jatha was organized under the leadership of :
(A) T.K. Madhavan (B) K.P. Kesava Menon
(C) Mannath Padmanabhan (D) Dr. P. Palpu
43. The temple entry proclamation was issued by :
(A) Chithirai Tirunal (B) Uthradam Tirunal
(C) Moolam Tirunal (D) Visakham Tirunal
44. The malayalam lullaby, "Omanathingal Kidavo" was written by :
(A) Swathi Tirunal (B) Dharma Raja
(C) Irayimman Tampi (D) Kumaran Asan
45. The painting "Mysore Khedda" was drawn by :
(A) Raja Ravi Varma (B) K.C.S. Panikker
(C) Tagore (D) Piccasso
46. Robert Bristow is the architect of the port at
(A) Mumbai (B) Tuticorin
(C) Cochin (D) Visakhapatnam
47. Dr. Hermann Gundert who enriched Malayalam language is a :
(A) Civil Servant (B) Military Officer
(C) Missionary (D) Merchant
48. The increase in agricultural production in 1971 resulted in a wheat revolution. it is referred to as the Green Revolution .Who was the Prime Minister at that time ?
(A) Lal Bahadur Shastri (B) G,L. Nanda
(C) Indira Gandhi (D) Morarji Desai
49. Who was the first non - congress Prime Minister of India ?
(A) A.B. Vajpayee (B) Morarji Desai
(C) Charan Singh (D) Jagjivan Ram
50. In 1974 India surprised the world by exploding a " nuclear device" in an underground test in ---------- state
(A) Kashmir (B) Haryana
(C) Panjab (D) Rajasthan
51. The first South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)held its first summit of the Heads of seven states at :
(A) New delhi (B) Dhaka
(C) Rawal Pindi (D) Kathmandu
52. The most popular social welfare scheme adopted in India is :
(A) Maternity privileges (B) ESI Scheme
(C) Minimum Wages (D) Insurance
53. Which plan envisaged a frontal attack on poverty and at the same time self - reliance in science and technology ?
(A) Fifth plan (B) Sixth plan
(C) Seventh plan (D) Eighth plan
54. "A Tree for every child " programme was launched during the ---------- Five Year plan
(A) Fifth (B) Seventh
(C) Sixth (D) Eight
55. panchayati Raj envisages a :
(A) Two Tier system (B) Three Tier system
(C) Four Tier system (D) Five Tier system
56. The cheapest transport in india is :
(A) Air transport (B) Rail transport
(C) Road transport (D) Water transport
57. Public health and sanitation, under the Indian Constitution fall in ----------- list.
(A) Central list (B) State list
(C) Concurrent list (D) Not listed
58. The S.C./S.T. people are specified in ----------- articles of the Indian Constitution.
(A) 26 and 26 (B) 341 and 342
(C) 172 and 227 (D) 86 and 87
59. Which of the following is " the oldest" of the existing newspapers in india ?
(A) Ananda Bazaar Patrika (B) Bombay Samachar
(C) Punjab Kesari (D) Swadesabhimani
60. When was the TPS formulated ? (Technolagy Policy Statement )
(A) 1975 (B) 1980
(C) 1985 (D) 1983
61. The festival kumbhamela is celebrated in
(A) Bihar (B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Maharashtra
62. Name an Indian King whose 500th coronation was clebrated recently.
(A) Akbar the Great (B) Raja Raja the Great
(C) Krishnadeva Raya (D) Muhammed Adil Shah
63. The sword of Velu Tampi Dalava (1809)which was missing, had been located in the National Museum, New Delhi who located it ?
(A) M.A.Baby (B) T.K.A. Nair
(C) T.P.Sankaran Kutty Nair (D) Mullappally Ramachandran
64. An honorary military status was given by the Government of india to an actor in recent years :
(A) Amita Bachan (B) Mohan Lal
(C) Mammootty (D) Kamalahasan
65. Varika Vrika Sahajare .... these Malayalam poetic lines had been written by :
(A) Amsi Narayana pillai (B) Vallathol
(C) Vayalar Rama Varma (D) Kumaran Asan
66. The largest planet is:
(A) Earth (B) Pluto
(C) Jupiter (D) Saturn
67. Forint is the monetary unit of -------- country
(A) Hungary (B) Libya
(C) Italy (D) Poland
68. Name the capital of Switzerland
(A) Bonn (B) Berne
(C) Berlin (D) Baku
69. Kangaroo is the main animal of :
(A) Malaysia (B) Bulgaria
(C) Australia (D) Congo
70. In copper production ----------- leads the globe
(A) U.A.E (B) U.K
(C) U.S.S.R (D) U.S.A.
71. Ajmer in Rajasthan is a great pilgrim centre of :
(A) Hindus (B) Buddhists
(C) Muslims (D) Christians
72. Coffee is an important source of income of :
(A) India (B) China
(C) Kenya (D) Congo
73. Who wrote Asian Drama ?
(A) Gunnar Myr Dal (B) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(C) Sashi Tharoor (D) Amartya Sen
74. Name the book written by Rabindranath Tagore.
(A) Gora (B) Good Earth
(C) Guide (D) Godaan
75. Name the key to Indian pre- historic archaeology :
(A) Harappa (B) Lothal
(C) Kalibangan (D) Muciris
76. The protection of Human Rights Act extends to :
(A) the whole of india including Jammu and Kashmir (B) the whole if India except Jammu and Kashmir
(C) to the whole of India and to Jammu and Kashmir in specified matters (D) to some of the States
77. Persons entitled to obtain information under the Right to Information Act are :
(A) the aggrieved person (B) any person desirous of obtaining information
(C) interested person (D) Government servants
78. The Dowry Prohibition Act prohibits :
(A) transfer of money before and after marriage (B) transfer of any property including jewels at the time of marriage
(C) transfer of any property by the bride or her parent to the groom or his parent (D) transfer of any property or valuable security by one party to marriage or parent to the other party or parent
79. Kerala Scheduled Tribes (Restriction on Transfer)Act prohibits :
(A) Any transfer of immovable property by a member of Scheduled Tribe to a non- scheduled tribe (B) Transfer of immovable property by a non- scheduled tribe to a scheduled tribe
(C) Transfer of any property by a member of scheduled tribe to non-scheduled tribe (D) All of the above
80. The offences under the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes act are tried by :
(A) Any Magistrate Court (B) The court of sessions notified by the Government under the Act
(C) Munsiff's Court (D) Executive Magistrate
81. Human Rights under the Protection of Human Rights Act means :
(A) Right to life,liberty,equality and dignity of individual as guaranteed by the Indian Constitution (B) Right to life,liberty , and property
(C) Right to life, liberty and dignity (D) Right to life, liberty, equality and property
82. The period allowed to furnish information by the Information Officer under the Right to Information Act :
(A) 30 days (B) 3 months
(C) 15 days (D) 1 week
83. The Domestic Violence Act is to protect :
(A) women from the harassment of spouses (B) old and senior women from the harassment of children
(C) women from the harassment of all the members of the family (D) all women from the harassment of male members of the family
84. The Chair person of the National Human Rights Commission shall be :
(A) The chief Justice of India (B) Retd. Chief Justice of High Court
(C) Retd Chief Justice of India (D) Chief Justice of High Court
85. Pneumonia affects
(A) Lungs (B) Liver
(C) Heart (D) Kidney
86. Podiatrist is a doctor who treats :
(A) Children (B) feet
(C) head (D) chest
87. The convict was an incorrigible criminal. Here the word incorrigible means :
(A) weak (B) strong
(C) incapable of being reformed (D) can be reformed
88. Raju is squirrelling money away for his retirement.Here squirrelling means :
(A) giving away (B) lending
(C) borrowing (D) put in a secret place for later use
89. Securing a cross- party consensus on how to deal with clashes remained elusive. Consensus means :
(A) support (B) opinion
(C) widespread agreement (D) enquiry
90. Group of words pronounced or spelt in the same way but having different meanings:
(A) homonym (B) homophone
(C) homograph (D) acronym
91. Arms and the man is a drama written by :
(A) T.S. Eliot (B) Bernard Shaw
(C) Shakespeare (D) Saki
92. The words flammable and inflammable have
(A) opposite meaning (B) same meaning
(C) different meaning (D) entirely different meaning
93. To seek help from God in prayer and patience is hard save for the pious. Here the word save means:
(A) earn (B) deliver
(C) give (D) except
94. Paul, the Oracle Octopus has become a legend in the quadrennial football extravaganza in South Africa. Here the word quadrennial means :
(A) occurring in every continent (B) taking place in july
(C) occurring every four years (D) having four legs
95. What do you mean by topiary
(A) planting (B) cutting plants in ornamental shapes
(C) digging (D) removing top parts
96. Choose the correctly spelt word .
(A) Lisensee (B) Licensee
(C) Licencee (D) Laicensee
97. One word for a group of islands .
(A) Arcadia (B) Mangrove
(C) Archipelago (D) Laccadives
98. In which play did the famous Shakespearean Character Falstaff appear ?
(A) Macbeth (B) The Tempest
(C) King Lear (D) Henry IV
99. Mukesh and Anil decided to bury the hatchet. What do you mean by bury the hatchet ?
(A) bury the treasures (B) become reconciled
(C) stop all business (D) move court
100. When Bill Clinton was the President of the U.S.A., he was charged with the following allegation by the jury:
(A) perjury (B) sexual assault
(C) divulges secret (D) challenges the court