1. Name the first Indian Pilot :
(A) Sanjay Gandhi(B) Rajeev Gandhi
(C) Rakesh Sharma(D) J.R.D Tata
2. The oldest teak plantation in the world is in :
(A) Marayoor(B) Malayattoor
(C) Nilambur(D) Malankara
3. Form which historical monument did Galileo drop down objects to test his laws of gravity ?
(A) Leaning Tower of Pissa(B) Eiffel Tower
(C) Clock Tower of London(D) Petronous Tower
4. The longest National Highway in India is :
(A) N.H. 17(B) N.H. 1
(C) N.H. 7(D) N.H. 47
5. The only Malayala President of Indian National Congress, C. Sankaran Nair presided over ________ session of I.N.C. :
(A) Allahabad(B) Amaravathi
(C) Ahammadabad(D) Lucknow
6. Who called Taj Mahal "A teardrop on the cheek of time" ?
(A) Loard Mount Batten(B) Rabeendra Nath Tagore
(C) Jawaharlal Nehru(D) Shajahan
7. In which river is Nagarjun Sagar dam situated ?
(A) Kavery(B) Godavari
(C) Mahanadi(D) Krishna
8. Name the chemical weapon used by U.S.A in Vietnam War :
(A) Methyl Isocyanide(B) Chlorine
(C) Potassium cyanaide(D) Agent orange
9. Which is the most celebrated centre of art and architecture during the Pallava period ?
(A) Kanchi(B) Mahabalipura
(C) Vijayanagar(D) Vatapi
10. The painting Orange Colours is the creation of :
(A) K.C.S Panicker(B) Raja Ravi Varma
(C) Madhava Menon(D) Namboodiri
11. Name the Grama Panchayath of Kerala which won RS. one crore in Green Kerala Express reality show :
(A) Akathethara(B) Atat
(C) Elappulli(D) Kumarakom
12. Golden Plam Award is associated with :
(A) Sports(B) Literature
(C) Science(D) Film
13. Who got national award for best actor for his performance in the film Piravi ?
(A) Murali(B) Gopi
(C) Premji(D) P.J. Antony
14. Name the country where there is no coins in circulation but only currencies :
(A) Paraguay(B) Chiile
(C) Peru(D) Colombia
15. Which immortal words of Gandhiji is inscribed on the Samadhi of Mahathma Gandhi ?
(A) Sathya Meva Jayathe(B) Hai Ram
(C) Ahimsa Paramo Dharma(D) Sathyam Sivam Sundaram
16. The Port City of Indus Valley Civilization was:
(A) Kali Bengan(B) Mandhya Pradesh
(C) Punjab(D) Rajastan
17. The performing art form "Thamasha" belongs to _____ state :
(A) Maharashtra(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Puchab(D) Rajastan
18. Name the country which has National Panchayath as its parliment :
(A) Bhutan(B) Nepal
(C) Myanmar(D) Indonasia
19. The highest peak in Indian Sub-continent is :
(A) Nanga Parbath(B) Kanchanjunga
(C) Anamudi(D) Mount Abu
20. The lowest layer of atmosphere is called:
(A) Troposphere(B) Stratosphere
(C) Thermosphere(D) Misosphere
21. Pandit Siv Kumar Sharma is a profound player of :
(A) Veena(B) Violin
(C) Sithar(D) Santhoor
22. Who was awarded Adidas Golden Boot as the top scorer in world cup footbal 2010?
(A) Thomas Muller(B) Diego Forlan
(C) Miroslav Klose(D) Andres Iniesta
23. Who is the world record holder in taking the highest wicket in the test cricket ?
(A) Anil Kumble(B) Daniel Vettori
(C) Muttiah Muralitharan(D) Shane Warne
24. Who is the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission ?
(A) K.S. Mani(B) S. Rajendra Babu
(C) K.G. Balakrishnan(D) G.P. Mathur
25. Who won the Indonesian Open Super Series Trophy 2010 ?
(A) Serina Williams(B) Saina Nehwal
(C) Saina Mirza(D) Tsvetana Pironkova
26. The birth place of Subhash Chandra Bose belongs to _____ state.
(A) Orissa(B) Bengal
(C) Bihar(D) Uttar Pradesh
27. Who is the President of Kerala Sahithya Academy ?
(A) M. Mukundan(B) Mukesh
(C) P. Valsala(D) M.T Vasudevan Nair
28. Which country has its national flag bearing with the picture of a leaf of Mapple tree?
(A) Mexico(B) Switzerland
(C) Newziland(D) Canada
29. What is the colour of black box in aeroplanes ?
(A) Blue(B) Orange
(C) Black(D) Green
30. Name the Maidan in which International Trade Fairs are conducted at New Delhi :
(A) Pragathi Maidan(B) Edan Garden
(C) Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium(D) Rajeev Gandhi Maidan
31. The feature available in word processor to type data in row and column from is :
(A) Tables(B) Border
(C) Column(D) None of these
32. The bar in which it displays the name of the currently active document is :
(A) Task bar(B) Ruler bar
(C) Status bar(D) Title bar
33. WWW stands for
(A) World Wide Web(B) Web World Wide
(C) World Web Wide(D) Nome of these
34. How many window can be active at a time ?
(A) No limit(B) Two
(C) One(D) Three
35. __________ specifies the internet address of a file, stored on a host computer or server connected to internet
(A) Web browser(B) URL
(C) Web Server(D) None of these
36. In the given option, which one is search engine ?
(A) Internet Explorer(B) Google
(C) Mozila fire fox(D) None of these
37. Which is the short key is used to view the slide show in Powerpoint ?
(A) F1(B) F5
(C) F10(D) F2
38. To insert a new slide in the current presentation, we can choose
(A) Ctrl + M(B) Ctrl + N
(C) Ctrl + O(D) Ctrl + F
39. A worksheet (spreadsheet) can have maximum of ______ number of rows
(A) 256(B) 1024
(C) 65536(D) 3200
40. We can replace a font on all slides with another font using the ____ option
(A) Format --> Relace fonts(B) Edit --> Fonts
(C) Tools --> Fonts(D) Tools --> Replace fonts
41. An operator is used to combine text from two cells in spreadsheet. Which is that operator ?
(A) =(B) %
(C) #(D) &
42. Computer processing speed is measured in terms
(A) MHz(B) MB
(C) Kbps(D) None of these
43. Which of the following is not an operating system ?
(A) DOS(B) Windows
(C) Unix(D) Opera
44. A file which contain readymade style that can be used for a presentation
(A) Auto style(B) Template
(C) Wizard(D) Preformating
45. Cell address of 5 th row and 2 nd column in spread sheet is
(A) B4(B) 4B
(C) B5(D) 5B
46. A numeric value can be treated as a label value, if it preceded with
(A) Exclamation (!)(B) Tilde (~)
(C) Apostrophe (')(D) Hash (#)
47. Getting data from a cell located in different sheet is called
(A) Referencing(B) Updating
(C) Functioning(D) Accessing
48. On a spread sheet the active cell is indicated
(A) Dotted bar(B) A blinking border
(C) Dark wide border(D) None of these
49. We can access various utilities in word such as Spell check, Macro, Mail merge, etc. by using a menu, which is that menu ?
(A) Tool(B) Format
(C) Edit(D) None of these
50. ____ is an extraspace of margin added to the left or top margin to leave space for binding
(A) Footer(B) Header
(C) Gutter(D) Page set
51. What process should be used to recall a document saved previously ?
(A) Copy(B) Open
(C) Save(D) Enter
52. DPI stands for
(A) Dot Per Inch(B) Date Per Index
(C) Dot Per Increment(D) None of these
53. What print command should be selected in the print dialogue box to print first 2 pages of document?
(A) From - To -(B) Page setup
(C) Print all(D) Print preview
54. The arrangements of elements such as title, sub title, text, pictures and tables etc. are called
(A) Presentation(B) Design
(C) Scheme(D) Layout
55. The advantage of using spreadsheet is
(A) Calculation can be done automatically(B) Changing data automatically
(C) more flexibility(D) All of the above
56. If you have a presentation show slide that you have created and want to send using e-mail to another person, which option shown below is choose
(A) Inclusion(B) Attachment
(C) Reply(D) Rorward
57. All of the formula in spread sheet start with ______ operator
(A) -(B) =
(C) %(D) +
58. In a word document grammatical errors are made with
(A) Read line(B) Yellow line
(C) Green line(D) Nome of the above
59. A file with .dot extension is associated with
(A) Document(B) Template
(C) Index(D) Picture
60. How many window can be open at a time ?
(A) One(B) Two
(C) Three(D) No limit
61. GUI stands for
(A) Greatest User Information(B) Graphical Utility Interface
(C) Graphical User Interface(D) Greater Utility Interactive
62. When was minimise a window using a button, that window shrinks and disappear in a particular bar, such bar is termed as
(A) Task bar(B) Status bar
(C) Title bar(D) None of these
63. An equipment which is used to connect in between computer and telephone is called as
(A) Modem(B) NIC
(C) Router(D) Bridge
64. Which is the short cut key to create a new word file ?
(A) Ctrl + V(B) Ctrl + N
(C) Ctrl + C(D) Ctrl + X
65. ISP means
(A) Internet Standard Provider(B) Internet Service Provider
(C) Internet Service Path(D) All of these
66. Forming of letters in irregular line with uneven space called
(A) Sluggish movement(B) Bad alignment
(C) Step by step movement(D) Jerking
67. The Guide row of keyboard is arranged from the top as the
(A) First row(B) Second row
(C) Third row(D) Fourth row
68. Type bars are connected to segment by means of
(A) Draw cord(B) Fulcrum wire
(C) Key lever(D) Buffer spring
69. Ribbon carrier is situated on the back side of
(A) Centre guide(B) Ribbon spool
(C) Type basket(D) Type bar
70. Main spring is related to the carriage through
(A) Draw cord(B) Dog block
(C) Pinion wheel(D) Way rod
71. In a D.O. letter "To' address is typed on the
(A) Top left side(B) Top right side
(C) Bottom left side(D) Bottom right side
72. Mistakes on the stencil paper can be corrected by
(A) Ink(B) Stylus pen
(C) Correcting fluid(D) Eraser
73. Main part in the step by step movement of the carriage
(A) Space bar(B) Cylinder
(C) Dog block(D) Carriage
74. The scale between the type guide and the cylinder is known as
(A) Paper bail scale(B) Marginal scale
(C) Line finder scale(D) None of the above
75. The following is used to type on ruled paper
(A) Thumb wheels(B) Paper release lever
(C) Variable push button(D) Shift key
76. Typing on the Stencil paper
(A) Cyclo styling(B) Stencil cutting
(C) Grafting(D) None of the above
77. Heart of the typewriter
(A) Touch regulator(B) Main spring
(C) Escapement wheel(D) Carriage
78. Type bar is fitted with
(A) Two capital letters(B) Two Characters
(C) Two small letters(D) One capital letter and one small letter
79. cylinder and feed rolls rotate in
(A) Same direction(B) Opposite direction
(C) Clock wise direction(D) None of the above
80. Bell in the typewriter gives warning to caution that the
(A) Right side margin is approaching(B) Ribbon is coming to the end
(C) Line is coming to the end(D) Machine is reaching the last degree
81. Choose the correct verb from. Physics ______ his main subject
(A) will(B) are
(C) is(D) ring
82. Write Correct question tag. It's fine, ______
(A) hasn't he?(B) isn't it?
(C) doesn't he?(D) is it?
83. Choose the correct alternative from those given. I _____ him last Sunday.
(A) met(B) have met
(C) has met(D) will meet
84. Fill in the space with the suitable connector chosen from those given below. They had not paid the rent for several months _____ they were made to vacate the house.
(A) On the other hand(B) However
(C) As a result(D) In addition
85. Choose the word which best fits into the blank. Who will look ____ your house while you are away?
(A) at(B) on
(C) after(D) up
86. Choose the correct sentence from those given
(A) He enjoys to collect stamps(B) He enjoys collecting stamps
(C) He enjoys in collecting stamps(D) He enjoy collecting stamps
87. The antonym for clean is
(A) stupid(B) hot
(C) wet(D) dirty
88. A flask is
(A) a bottle for carrying drinks(B) a leather case for carrying paper, books etc.
(C) a drawer for keeping money, as in a shop(D) a room in which one hangs up clothes
89. The young one of a cat is known as
(A) foal(B) cub
(C) puppy(D) kitten
90. A group of people is known as
(A) a flock(B) a crowd
(C) a clump(D) a fleet
91. Crocodile tears are
(A) tears of happiness that are sincere(B) tears of sorrow that are sincere
(C) tears of happiness that are insincere(D) tears of sorrow that are insincere
92. Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence See that the patient ________ complete rest.
(A) is having(B) will have
(C) has(D) will be having
93. 'Keep an eye' on means
(A) look lovingly at(B) watch
(C) be available(D) ba in sight
94. Cut one's coat according to one's cloth means
(A) live within one's income(B) behave unfairly
(C) make a new and better start(D) get angry
95. The noun form of 'educate' is
(A) educated(B) education
(C) edition(D) edifice
96. Choose the infinitive form of the noun choice
(A) to snooze(B) to see
(C) bring(D) to choose
97. Choose the word which describes the sound produced by snaked
(A) growl(B) bleat
(C) bray(D) hiss
98. Fill in the blank space with suitable pronoun ______ of these bananas are ripe
(A) some(B) one
(C) any(D) baby
99. Put suitable article where necessary You must turn to left
(A) a(B) an
(C) the(D) some
100. Pick out the collective noun in the following sentence The crowd cheered the cricketer
(A) the crowd(B) crowd
(C) crickter(D) None of the above